Offer of Instruction

The very old way of weaving classical Gobelins (tapestries) has - over the past years - become such a rare technique that it is now considered to be sinking into oblivion. 

This is why the Fränkische Gobelin Manufaktur in Marktredwitz /Germany offers workshops and courses for all those people who are interested in learning the handcraft of weaving classical Gobelins. Applicants from abroad are welcome -communication in English and French is possible in the workshops of the Fränkische Gobelin Manufaktur you can weave at high looms (Hautlisse) and at low looms (Bastisse). 

Gobelins and tapestries corresponding to the designs of contemporary artists can be woven at varying looms of different width up to five metres with almost no limit to the length. 

Trainees are offered the chance of getting to know this very old handicraft as well as the produktion of tapestries including designs. 

or fon: +49 9231 / 667789,
handy: +49 171 / 5206473 or
    fax: +49 9231 / 667952.

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